Is powerful and the long hose is very handy because we can use the machine all over the court yard without fear of the vacuum getting knocked about. Filtration is excellent. and it sucks up very quickly and saves a lot of time in cleaning as we don't need to go over areas repeatedly.

Europcar  Automotive

Robin Chard

Regional Manager (Auckland)

The Hilton Vacuum system is a great machine and saves both time and hassle in cleaning. The vacuum system is about 25% quicker than using a broom and I don't breath in the dust stirred up by sweeping. The guys on the tools and the people in the office are happier with the quality of the job which makes me look good.

Hynds Pipes  Concrete Grinding / Constructuion

Sioni - Maintenence Staff

Regional Manager (Auckland)

…we were sick of vacuums with inconsistent suction, useless filter systems that don't filter, motors that keep needing to be replaced, and chunky machines that are too awkward to handle between jobs. We tried the Hilton Vacuum and all our old hassles went away. The only problem I have now is the boys fight over using them so I had to keep buying more.

GRIND IT  Surface Finishing

Graeme Harford


The Hilton Vacuum is very powerful and will take anything, large quantities of dust, paper chips and whole sheets of paper. Cleaning is much better with the Hilton. Vacuuming is three times faster than using the broom and because it is lighter it requires far less effort than sweeping so the boys are less tired and more inclined to clean their areas as they go rather than leaving it to pile up. Instead of taking 30 minutes to clean an area it now takes 10 minutes and because the dust isn't stirred up we don't have to use the face masks we use to use for sweeping. The Hilton also does a better job of than our old cleaning methods with less dust and paper left behind particularly in the corners where the dust accumulates. I am very happy with the Hilton Industrial Vacuum.

APN Print   Printing


Floor Manager

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