Paper Dust, Spray Powder, Drip Tray
Cleaning Industrial Vacuum Solutions

Industrial vacuum cleaner solutions for quickly and easily solving the common hassles associated with cleaning spray powder quickly vacuuming drip trays. Save the time and resources required with this asset that contributes to a fast and well run printing house or bindery.


  • Spray Powder blocking your industrial vacuum cleaners or time to consuming to clean
  • Drip trays are messy and time consuming to clean
  • Cleaning of Extraction filter and housing takes too long
  • Keep dust and contaminants out of store areas and protect stock

Problem Areas


Spray Powder / starch used as slip powder for printed media accumulates in the joints of the printing press conveyers, around the machine, and at the end of the print line.
While important for the smooth running of the press, cleaning and maintenance can be difficult and time consuming as the fine slip powder is known for blocking vacuum cleaners and a static charge(static shock) for the cleaner. Not to mention accessing and cleaning the awkward places the slop powder can get.


The difficult to access drip trays can involve a messy process of rags and a lot of time without the correct equipment for cleaning
In addition there is also the issue of handling and the disposal of waste in trays without contaminating the surrounding area with the messy substance.


Ambient paper dust from the bindery and cutting areas, inks and toner from printing machines all accumulate in the farthermost reaches of the printing plant.
This incredibly fine and 'fluffy' dust can be difficult to manage due to its volume and vacuum filter blocking properties. In many instances vacuum cleaners simply 'shift' the problem as materials blow straight through the filters into the ambient atmosphere.


The Dust Eater Industrial Vacuum cleaner handles the fine spray powder and paper dust with ease.

The alternative Dust Eater Dumper option, or addition of a Cyclonic Separator Dumper makes handling of powders very simple and quick while removing the risk of overfilling the vacuum.

For drip trays use an optional cyclonic separator, or the Wet Pick Up adapter to turn your unused drums into containment for collecting any liquid wastes.


  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Compact Design for Ease of Maneuverability
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • 100% Recyclable

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Vacuum Cleaner Option

Dust Eater Dust Eater Dumper

Optional Extras

Wet Pickup Pipe

Recycle your threaded drums for liquid and oil collection using the Hilton Vacuum and pipe system

More Power

Booster Motor will increase the vacuum power by up to 70%

More Separation

Your choice of regular / auto empty cyclonic separators

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