Cleaning Powder Coating Spray Booth, Powder Coating Oven & Dispatch areas

Correct maintenance of your powder coating spray booth, cleaning the powder coating ovens and general housekeeping of your dispatch and tank areas saves expensive re-work, contamination, OH&S risks.


  • Powder Coating Booths and Ovens difficult or time consuming to clean
  • Preparation areas / Tanks require maintenance
  • Powder coating dust accumulating on railings, ceiling and other difficult to reach areas
  • Keep dust and contaminants out of store areas and protect stock

Problem Areas

CLEANING Spray Booths and Ovens

Powder Coating compound builds up in the spray area, on floors, walls and railings during the coating processes.
The statically charged compound clings to these surfaces and can be very difficult to remove with a regular vacuum cleaner.

Accumulation of Powder Coat Dust on Railings and Walls

Spray powder and ambient dust accumulate in the furthermost reaches of the powder coating plant. Waste material left behind not only looks unsightly but also increase the risk of cross contamination and dirtying finished goods.


Ambient paper dust from the bindery and cutting areas, inks and toner from printing machines all accumulate in the farthermost reaches of the printing plant.
This incredibly fine and 'fluffy' dust can be difficult to manage due to its volume and vacuum filter blocking properties. In many instances vacuum cleaners simply 'shift' the problem as materials blow straight through the filters into the ambient atmosphere.


The Dust Eater Industrial Vacuum cleaner handles the fine powder coating powder and general environmental dust with ease. The alternative Dust Eater Dumper option, or addition of a Cyclonic Separator Dumper makes handling of powders very simple and quick while removing the risk of overfilling the vacuum. Where high volumes are used the addition of a cyclonic separator greatly increases the life of the filtration system as well as increasing the effective working time of the operator.


  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Compact Design for Ease of Maneuverability
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • 100% Recyclable
Some of our clients
Vacuum Cleaner Option
Dust Eater Dust Eater Dumper
Optional Extras

Wet Pickup Pipe

Floor Sweeping and cleaning factories very quickly

More Power

Booster Motor will increase the vacuum power by up to 70%

More Separation

Your choice of regular / auto empty cyclonic separators

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