Safely and easily handle dusts and waste in mining maintenance and cleaning. Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners that simplify cleaning

Cleaning equipment and plant from silica dust, coal dust and other minerals from mining activities does not need to be a time consuming painful process fraught with failing equipment and continual filter shaking.

This difficult fine dust normally wreaks havoc on vacuum equipment blocking filters and prematurely burning out motors but as Rio Tinto has discovered the HILTON Vacuum Cleaners provide excellent performances mid size vacuum cleans that deal to dust in the difficult environments. For these reasons Rio Tinto now specifies the HILTON Dust Eater as 'the' vacuum cleaner for the 'Work Procedure' for maintenance of the AC Control cabinets.


  • Cleaning Equipment not lasting
  • AC Electrical Cabinets full of dust
  • Clumsy or difficult maintenance procedures for cleaning towers, silos and frames.
  • Big vacuum trucks, or small vacuum cleaners, neither the appropriate size for quickly cleaning or maintaining those 'in between cleaning jobs'

Problem Areas

Cleaning equipment not lasting

If you are on a remote site and most of your cleaning equipment ends up in the scrap heap, you need a tough vacuum cleaner that will survive unforgiving environments

The Dust Eater and Dust Eater Jr. provide ultra reliable, low maintenance, performance ideal for when you cant afford equipment to fail.


Removing Brake Dust & Clean Electric Motors
Carbon dust from from worn break disks or worn motor brushes can be quickly and simply cleaned with the Dust Eater Vacuum Cleaner.

The Dust Eater vacuum cleaner and optional Cyclonic Separator makes short work of this job with the cyclonic separation and Air Filter Path Technology handling the fine dusts with ease.

Cleaning AC Control Cabinets

Containment and management any build up of toxic dusts that can accumulates in the AC and DC control cabinets of mining equipment.

Cadmium oxide is one such carcinogen which maintenance crew can safely clean with the HEPA rated HILTON Dust Eater vacuum cleaner. Long hose capability, HEPA rating, non-clog filter system.


Cleaning Remote Locations
Where the large vacuum systems have difficult access (i.e. between conveyers) the HILTON long hose and powerful 3 stage vacuum motor provides important maintenance and cleaning capability.

For even longer hose access ADD the HILTON BOOSTER motor to increase vacuum performance by upto 70%.

Simple Handling of Waste
Reduce double handling and speed up cleaning processes.

Cyclonic Dumping mechanisms and various waste handling options cut the cost and hassle out of industrial cleaning in the mining environments.


The long hose capabilities, cyclonic air filter path technology, and HEPA filter of the Dust Eater vacuum means cabinets can be quickly and safely cleaned down. No need to lugging heavy equipment, be exposed to the dangers of toxic materials, and continuous powerful to get the job done quickly without stopping to clear filters.


Powerful vacuum cleaners, built tough for the mining industry.

  • Lower Operational Cost
  • Compact Design for Ease of Maneuverability
  • Simple to use and maintain
  • 100% Recyclable

Some of our clients
Case Study

The Dust Eater Vacuum is now specified by Rio Tinto in its latested work safety proceedure for Vacuuming AC control Cabinets.

Vacuum Cleaner Option
Dust Eater Dust Eater Dumper
Optional Extras

Wet Pickup Pipe

Floor Sweeping and cleaning factories very quickly

More Power

Booster Motor will increase the vacuum power by up to 70%

More Separation

Your choice of regular / auto empty cyclonic separators

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