Safely and easily remove Old Insulation from Attic and Crawl Space. Heavy Duty Vacuum Cleaners that simplify Insul-fluff removing.

Installing new insulation is easy with the equipment available. Re-Installing or removing the existing old or damaged insulation material or dust from many years may not only be challenging but also dangerous.

This fine and difficult dust normally wreaks havoc on vacuum equipment, blocking filters and prematurely burning out motors. The GOOD NEWS is HILTON Vacuum Cleaners provide excellent performance when dealing with dust in the difficult environments. Simply put, HILTON vacuums are BUILT for these difficult jobs.


  • Damaged old insulation materials.
  • Limited accessibility.
  • Huge Area to clean \ large volume of materials and dust.
  • Frustration from standard vacuums that stops sucking within minutes of starting.
  • Handling & disposal of insulation material.

Problem Areas

Dangerous Material

Old insulation material is not only unpleasant to handle it can cause skin itching, rashes and may contain cancer causing carcinogens.

Due care, and the right equipment is required to safely remove this material.

HARD to Reach Areas

Removing Old Insul-fluff
can be a challenging task without damage to self or the house because of the small amount of space in which to work and restricted access. Without proper tools this process can be a hot uncomfortable long time.

Safety regulations and protecting your house against the risk of fire all insulation requires removing the old insulation from around down lights in your house. These lights get hot and if not properly installed any insulation is a fire waiting to happen.

Huge Area to Clean - Large Volume of Old Insulation Material

To remove the insulation material from a large area, your household vacuums will not work due to the shear volume of material and the filtration system which generally blocks seconds from starting. There is a much easier way!

Disposal of Insulation material

Removing the Old Insulation Material and leaving the space tidy.
Tidy handling and disposable of insulation material takes the pain our of installing the new insulation material.


The long hose capabilities, cyclonic air filter path technology, and HEPA filter of the Dust Eater vacuum means attics and crawl spaces can be quickly and safely cleaned down.

Safely remove old insulation material with the HEPA rated HILTON Dust Eater vacuum cleaner. No lugging heavy equipment, exposer to the dangers of toxic materials, or stopping to clear filters.

in summary

  • Long hose capability (up to 30mtr)
  • powerful 3 stage motors
  • non clog filter system
  • HUGE 210ltr drum capacity and cyclonic action
  • Simpler Quicker Easier, We GUARANTEE it!

Some of our clients
Optional Extras

More Power

Booster Motor will increase the vacuum power by up to 70%

More Separation

Your choice of regular / auto empty cyclonic separators

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