Hiltons Latest Vacuum technology

Sick of industrial vacuum cleaners or commercial vacuum cleaners that can't do the job? Fed up wasting time with blocked filters, continually emptying the machine, and having to redo the work? Here are 7 great reasons to own HILTON Industrial HEPA vacuum cleaners. Read on to find out how these cyclonic industrial vacuum cleaners take care of common vacuum problems.

advanced hepa filtration and a little history

"HEPA" Stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor. In order for a filter to be so named, it must retain particles to 0.3 microns in size at an efficency rating of 99.97%. These filters were developed by the atomic energy commission during
World War II to effectively remove radioactive dust from plant exhausts without redistribution.

Since its inception, HEPA filtration has beome a requirement for such important applications as cleaning of NASA's space shuttle cargo bays, asbestos and nuclear hazard cleanup. HILTONs HEPA filters, combined with the Unique Air Filter Path technology make HILTON one of the most effective vacuums on the planet for providing consistent suction and highly effective dust removal.

air filter path tecnology (AFPT)

HILTON's best kept secret... The Dual filtration system that incorperates the latest cyclonic technologies and most efficient filtering processes on the market. The uniqe design provides MAXIMUM separation and MINIMAL maintenance.

Filtration built from the HIGHEST grade HEPA filter fabric that is engineered to allow MAXIMUM AIRFLOW while stopping the finest dust particles from getting through.

Stage 1: Dust laden air enters the vacuum drum chamber and is compressed between the outer wall and the filter skirt. Filters are protected from dust and waste.

Stage 2: The graduated cyclone channels the air and throws the dust against the outer drum wall. At the wall gravity takes over and waste material drops out of the air stream.

Stage 3: At the bottom of the containment drum the cyclone action creates an area of low pressure or Dead Air which keeps waste material from being whipped up to the filters.

Stage 4: Clean Air travel in a vortex up to the final filter stage, the multi sock HEPA filter.

high performance motors

Jobs done on time with less effort. In tests conducted at the HILTON factory and on site by customers the HILTON proves to be the best performer. The single motor of the HILTON Vacuum has greater vacuum (KPA / Water Lift) than most single phase three motor machines available.

easy clean filter system

The cleaning of the filters is extremely easy. The TEFLON coated filter fabric stops the dust from impregnating the material and the unique spring action agitates and cleans the filters. Even with the finest dust, like concrete or MDF dust, there is NO MESS and NO FUSS. Wether extracing hot metal chips off a diamond grinder, extracing silica from a concrete grinders, removing hydraulic oil out of 100 tonne shipping cranes, sucking bilge water out of BMW Oracle's Racing Yachts or of course, as a regular vacuum for cleaning a dusty factory, your HILTON makes any job a breeze.


The high performance motor, the cyclone action, and the specially designed filter system provide consistent performance. 5 minute spruce up or a 5 day marathon end of year clean, you have the confidence the HILTON vacuum will plough through the hard work NO WORRIES!


Have the freedom and flexibility of the storage capacity you need with the cyclonic separator and automatic dumping options.

Cleaning with Difficult Access

The long hose functionality allows you to get to those hard to reach places without lugging a vacuum around. Some customers have been known to use up to 50M of hose successfully with a standard Dust Eater. Of course, rather than using a hose, the vacuum can be ducted to act as a convienient central vacuum.

customised to suit you

Using our parts interchangeable design you can select the parts to suit you and your application. Design a setup that works with your process of handling waste that is simple and effective

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